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4515 36th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126

Join us and learn the ancient, traditional, Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo-Do while also gaining skills in self-defense and self-discipline. Through endurance and hard work students will strive to be better people and live a healthy lifestyle.
Tuesday 6-7pm
Thursday 6-7pm
Monthly Membership through the YMCA. 
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It is important that there be an understanding about what to expect when taking on an endeavor such as traditional Tang Soo Do.
First 6 Months: In the beginning, if you are like most people, you will experience a sharp learning curve, where you will see results quickly. Focus and concentration will increase at a rapid rate. Balance and coordination will improve dramatically. There will be an increase in flexibility and muscle-tone.
Second 6 Months: The student should go over basic stances and basic techniques every day. It seems to take longer and longer to achieve results. This is normal, and this is where self-discipline comes into play.

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