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Region 1 Championship in Seattle, WA

posted May 30, 2015, 12:05 PM by Mark W Taylor

After months of dedicated training, the Region 1 Championship was held on Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd. I am please to annouce the following results from the days competition:

White/ Orange Belt Division (8 and under Boys)
Nahom Beneyam- Participation Medal
Alexander Kerper- Participation Medal
Dylan Meddaugh- 3rd in forms/ 3rd in sparring
Sam Moreland- 1st in forms/ 3rd in sparring

White/ Orange Belt Division (8 and over Boys)
Miles Armstrong-  Participation Medal
Jake Bookwalter - 3rd in forms
Vicente Lopez-Jacobs- Participation Medal
Memphis Vannatter- 3rd in forms/ 3rd in sparring

White/ Orange Belt Division (8 and over Girls)
Caitlinn McKnight- Participation Medal

Women Orange/ Green Belt
Jodi  Steele- 2nd in forms/ 3rd in sparring

Brown Belt  (8 and over Boys)
Liam Steele-Roy Participation Medal

Red Belt Girls
Alejandra Gil- 3rd in forms and weapons / 2nd in sparring

Also, congratulations to Inez Lindsey and Elaine Miranda-Salcedo for a great performance in tough divisions.

Let's start thinking about the next Championship in Reno, Nevada 2016!!!

-Master Taylor

Puget Sound TSD- March 28th Gup Testing

posted Apr 9, 2015, 10:02 PM by Mark W Taylor   [ updated Apr 9, 2015, 10:06 PM ]

Puget Sound Tang Soo Do recently had a testing cycle at the West Seattle YMCA. Congratulations to all those who recently tested. It was a good test and I am happy to see many of our new white belts making their first steps in Tang Soo Do. Our testing cycle starts with the students tip testing for individual requirements. Once all 6 tip test stripes are achieved, that student is eligible to pre -test. If the pre-test is approved, that student is finally eligible to test. Thanks to all the friends and family who watched the testing!! Picture is attached.

  • Sara SWK Kassaye -Promoted to 4th Gup Brown Belt
  • Elias B Assalif -Promoted to 4th Gup Brown Belt
  • Henok B Assalif -Promoted to 4th Gup Brown Belt
  • Liam W Steele-Roy  -Promoted to 4th Gup Brown Belt
  • Jodi F  Steele -Promoted to 6th Gup Green Belt 
  • Caitlinn E McKnight  -Promoted to 7th Gup Orange Belt
  • Vicente Lopez-Jacobs -Promoted to 7th Gup Orange Belt
  • Elliott J Fleener -Promoted to 8th Gup Orange Belt
  • Samuel F Moreland -Promoted to 8th Gup Orange Belt
  • Kieran Case -Promoted to 8th Gup Orange Belt
  • Dylan T Meddaugh -Promoted to 9th Gup White Belt
  • Memphis Vannatter -Promoted to 9th Gup White Belt
  • Alexander Kerper -Promoted to 9th Gup White Belt
Master   Taylor

1st Annual Puget Sound TSD Practice Tournament

posted Feb 22, 2015, 11:51 AM by Mark W Taylor   [ updated Feb 22, 2015, 2:20 PM ]

On behalf of Puget Sound Tang Soo Do Academy, I'd like to thank all those who participated in the 1st Annual Puget Sound TSD Practice Tournament. We were pleased to host many students from Evergreen TSD. We had a total of 32 competitors. 

I would like to extend a special thank you to all those who volunteered their time to judge. Mr Bob Nelson, Ms Tamela Thomas, Mr Jeremy Woods,Mrs Heidi Woods, Mr Michael McCormick, Mrs Celine McCormick, and Mr Ian McCormick. 

I am also pleased to announce, that we will be donating $435 to the West Seattle YMCA Annual Fund to help families in need. 

Below are the results from the days competition.

White Belt Forms Division 1:
Memphis Vannatter, 1st Place Hyungs
Miles Armstrong, 2nd Place Hyungs
Alexander Kerper, co 3rd Place Hyungs
Nahom Beneya, co 3rd Place Hyungs

White Belt Forms Division 2:
Sam Moreland, 1st Place Hyungs
Kieran Case, 2nd Place Hyungs
Jake Bookwalter, co 3rd Place Hyungs
Loyan Ahmed Jr, co 3rd Place Hyungs

Orange Belt Forms Division 3:
Jodi Steele, 1st Place Hyungs
Vicente Lopez-Jacobs, 2nd Place Hyungs
Caitlinn McKnight, 3rd Place Hyungs

Green/ Brown Belt Forms Division 4:
Tyler Minn, 1st Place Hyungs
Elias Assalif, 2nd Place Hyungs
Liam Steele-Roy, co 3rd Place Hyungs
Alex Calvano, co 3rd Place Hyungs

Green/ Brown Belt Forms Division 5:
Jay Minn, 1st Place Hyungs
Henok Assalif, 2nd Place Hyungs
Sara Kassaye, 3rd Place Hyungs

Red Belt Forms Division 6:
Berit Syltebo, 1st Place Hyungs
Peter Waxman, 2nd Place Hyungs
Paulo Del Rosario, 3rd Place Hyungs

Gup Weapons Division 7:
Inez Lindsey, 1st Place Weapons Hyungs
Peter Waxman, 2nd Place Weapons Hyungs

Gup Weapons Division 8:
Berit Syltebo1st Place Weapons Hyungs
Paulo Del Rosario2nd Place Weapons Hyungs

Cho Dan/ Cho Dan Bo Forms Division 9:
Ian McCormick, 1st Place Hyungs
Tyler Johnston, 2nd Place Hyungs
Elric Smith, 3rd Place Hyungs

Cho Dan/ Cho Dan Bo Weapons Division 10:
Ian McCormick, 1st Place Weapons Hyungs
Elric Smith, 2nd Place Weapons Hyungs
Tyler Johnston, 3rd Place Weapons Hyungs

Cho Dan/ Cho Dan Bo Forms Division 11:
Henry Bennett-Curtain, 1st Place Hyungs
Ella Friis-Alfers, 2nd Place Hyungs
Sean McCormick, 3rd Place Hyungs

Cho Dan/ Cho Dan Bo Weapons Division 12:
Michael McCormick, 1st Place Weapons Hyungs
Ella Friis-Alfers, 2nd Place Weapons Hyungs
Henry Bennett-Curtain, 3rd Place Weapons Hyungs

Congratulations to all competitors!!!

A "Strong" Future for the WTSDA

posted Dec 7, 2014, 4:20 PM by Mark W Taylor   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 4:20 PM ]

July 18-20, 2014 proved to be a historic weekend. Our 15th world championship was held in Greensboro, 
NC. Over 1500 competitors arrived in Greensboro from all over the U.S. and South America, as well as 
Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. Competitors greeted each other excitedly in anticipation of the weekend’s 
events. Each championship provides memories that will last a lifetime and this year was no exception, providing 
two major highlights, the dedication of the meditation garden at world headquarters and the promotion of Master 
William Strong to Pal Dan (8th Dan) Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Strong has over 50 years of martial arts training. He has a Ph.D. in geography and was the Chair 
of the Department of Geography at The University of North Alabama, Florence, AL. Though now retired, he 
accumulated many academic achievements throughout his career. He traveled the world while working for the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. He has authored chapters in Kwan Chang Nim Shin’s books and was the chair of the WTSDA Technical Advisory Committee for several years. 

Grandmaster Strong has been the host and director of the annual Master’s Clinic for 22 years. One of his Theses was titled: Perspectives on the Tao of Tang Soo Do. His research was to seek understanding of the major 
concept of Tang Soo Do, becoming one with nature. 

The historic weekend began Friday afternoon with the always exciting creativity competition. To the delight of the 
crowd, fifteen demo teams performed. At the conclusion of the Creativity competition things really began to heat up with the Black Belt divisions. Hyung, weapons and sparring divisions provided excitement into the evening. Pride, respect, humility highlight these events as competitors cheer for each other and offer encouragement and congratulations.

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Region 1 Championship Results

posted Jun 3, 2013, 6:32 AM by Mark W Taylor   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 3:48 PM by jodi steele ]

Congrats to all Puget Sound Students who recently attended the Region 1 Championship in Roseburg, OR.
Ms. Alexis Johnson, Lauren Burgon, Alexis Burgon, Drew Burgon, Alejendra Gil, Gabriel Gil, and Ilan Walker. It was another successful championship and we look forward to it being held next year in San Francisco. Here are the results:

Ms. Alexis Johnson- 3rd place in Sparring
Alexis Burgon- 3rd place in Open hand forms, Weapons forms, and Sparring
Alejendra Gil- 2nd in Open hand forms
Ilan Walker- Participation Medal

April 13th 2013 - Testing Results

posted May 12, 2013, 10:57 PM by Mark W Taylor   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 3:49 PM by jodi steele ]

Alexis L Burgon Promoted to Cho Dan Bo
Lauren R Burgon Promoted to Cho Dan Bo
Andrew S Burgon Promoted to Cho Dan Bo
Elaine M Miranda Salcedo Promoted to 2nd Gup Red
Ilan E Walker Promoted to 5th Gup Green
Misha M Mathew Promoted to 6th Gup Green
Manoj J Mathew Promoted to 6th Gup Green
Maria Mathew Promoted to 7th Gup Orange
Taylor K Alexander Promoted to 7th Gup Orange
Zack A Gates Promoted to 9th Gup White
Joshua A Kibler Promoted to 9th Gup White
Ace W Zellar Promoted to 9th Gup White

Puget Sound TSD First Black Belt- Alexis Johnson

posted May 8, 2013, 7:48 AM by Mark W Taylor   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 3:49 PM by jodi steele ]

As the Chief Instructor of the Martial Arts Program at the West Seattle YMCA, I would like to officially announce that Alexis Johnson has been promoted to the rank of Cho Dan (Black Belt) by the World Tang Soo Do Association. She also represents the first student from our class to attain this honor. 

Most people have a basic concept of what it means to be a black belt. However, until you take the journey to black belt do you really know what it means. Alexis Johnson recently found out. Alexis started her training in 2007 as a white belt and moved through the ranks reaching black belt in Oct of 2012. In the art of Tang Soo Do, the belt colors represent the cycle of the seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall) as well as the cycle of life (birth, growth, maturity, and death) which allows for re-cycling into a new birth. Black Belt represents maturity, calmness, dignity and sincerity. First degree black belt is the final stage of one life cycle and the beginning of the next.

Alexis’ Instructors have watched her progress from a shy child into a confident young adult. She continues to develop her leadership skills as she takes on more responsibilities in the class. Training to become a black belt encompasses a whole person concept to include self-defense, physical and mental health, and better character through endurance and hard work. Her willingness to take this life path has earned her the respect of her peers and the self satisfaction that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind too. 

Congratulations Ms. Johnson

Tang Soo!!

Master Mark Taylor and Brandon Uttech

Instructors Puget Sound Tang Soo Do

AJ in 2009 
AJ with her Instructors

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