1st Annual Puget Sound TSD Practice Tournament

posted Feb 22, 2015, 11:51 AM by Mark W Taylor   [ updated Feb 22, 2015, 2:20 PM ]
On behalf of Puget Sound Tang Soo Do Academy, I'd like to thank all those who participated in the 1st Annual Puget Sound TSD Practice Tournament. We were pleased to host many students from Evergreen TSD. We had a total of 32 competitors. 

I would like to extend a special thank you to all those who volunteered their time to judge. Mr Bob Nelson, Ms Tamela Thomas, Mr Jeremy Woods,Mrs Heidi Woods, Mr Michael McCormick, Mrs Celine McCormick, and Mr Ian McCormick. 

I am also pleased to announce, that we will be donating $435 to the West Seattle YMCA Annual Fund to help families in need. 

Below are the results from the days competition.

White Belt Forms Division 1:
Memphis Vannatter, 1st Place Hyungs
Miles Armstrong, 2nd Place Hyungs
Alexander Kerper, co 3rd Place Hyungs
Nahom Beneya, co 3rd Place Hyungs

White Belt Forms Division 2:
Sam Moreland, 1st Place Hyungs
Kieran Case, 2nd Place Hyungs
Jake Bookwalter, co 3rd Place Hyungs
Loyan Ahmed Jr, co 3rd Place Hyungs

Orange Belt Forms Division 3:
Jodi Steele, 1st Place Hyungs
Vicente Lopez-Jacobs, 2nd Place Hyungs
Caitlinn McKnight, 3rd Place Hyungs

Green/ Brown Belt Forms Division 4:
Tyler Minn, 1st Place Hyungs
Elias Assalif, 2nd Place Hyungs
Liam Steele-Roy, co 3rd Place Hyungs
Alex Calvano, co 3rd Place Hyungs

Green/ Brown Belt Forms Division 5:
Jay Minn, 1st Place Hyungs
Henok Assalif, 2nd Place Hyungs
Sara Kassaye, 3rd Place Hyungs

Red Belt Forms Division 6:
Berit Syltebo, 1st Place Hyungs
Peter Waxman, 2nd Place Hyungs
Paulo Del Rosario, 3rd Place Hyungs

Gup Weapons Division 7:
Inez Lindsey, 1st Place Weapons Hyungs
Peter Waxman, 2nd Place Weapons Hyungs

Gup Weapons Division 8:
Berit Syltebo1st Place Weapons Hyungs
Paulo Del Rosario2nd Place Weapons Hyungs

Cho Dan/ Cho Dan Bo Forms Division 9:
Ian McCormick, 1st Place Hyungs
Tyler Johnston, 2nd Place Hyungs
Elric Smith, 3rd Place Hyungs

Cho Dan/ Cho Dan Bo Weapons Division 10:
Ian McCormick, 1st Place Weapons Hyungs
Elric Smith, 2nd Place Weapons Hyungs
Tyler Johnston, 3rd Place Weapons Hyungs

Cho Dan/ Cho Dan Bo Forms Division 11:
Henry Bennett-Curtain, 1st Place Hyungs
Ella Friis-Alfers, 2nd Place Hyungs
Sean McCormick, 3rd Place Hyungs

Cho Dan/ Cho Dan Bo Weapons Division 12:
Michael McCormick, 1st Place Weapons Hyungs
Ella Friis-Alfers, 2nd Place Weapons Hyungs
Henry Bennett-Curtain, 3rd Place Weapons Hyungs

Congratulations to all competitors!!!

Mark W Taylor,
Feb 22, 2015, 11:51 AM